Mutual Masturbation Stories Shared

There are definitely going to be some sexy mutual masturbation stories you need to share. I love to get off with my guys and we have some of the hottest mm together discussing a naughty taboo fantasy of yours that gets me all excited. Like my caller the other day wanting to pump into his pocket pussy as I slid my nice yummy big dildo in my pussy. He told me about his naughty desires and I found it pretty hot and played off that to give us both such satisfaction. Sometimes I have a caller that will sit with me for a good hour and watch pornhub together sharing what turns us on. I love watching that girl on girl on guy action. The scenes with two girls making out and getting all kinky and stripping each other is hot. I love when the guy comes in on them making out and starts to stroke his big raging hard cock. He gets closer and the girls reach for that nice big fuck meat and start licking on it together. Then next thing you know they are all fucking and sucking each other is a hot juicy little threesome. That gets this kinky therapist of a sexy dominatrix so tingly and wet. What really turns you on to masturbate too?

Mutual Masturbation Stories

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