Sexy legs spread open

sexy legs

I was taking a nice hot bubble bath earlier and made sure to leave the bathroom door wide open so that my step son’s friends could catch a peek as they walked by. One in particular has been catching my eye. He’s such a sexy young stud, I can’t help but check him out every time he comes over. I called his name and asked if he could close the door for me. I knew this was my chance to tempt him into something he couldn’t resist. No boy could resist these big perky tits and tight milf pussy. By the time he made it to the bathroom door, I was perched on the edge of the tub with my silky, creamy sexy legs spread to expose my perfect pink pussy. He stopped and gasped as his jaw fell open. I motioned for him to come into the bathroom with me. I could tell his young cock was rock hard and ready to explode at the sight of me naked. Once he stepped inside and closed the door behind himself, I got on my knees and looked up at him. I pulled his cock out and began to suck it gently at first. He was already oozing precum for me as I teased his head with my mouth and caressed his balls at the same time. I took his whole cock deep in my throat over and over again. I could feel him tense up as he got close to cumming. He had no idea just how freaky of a milf I am. I held his cock in my throat and let him pump every drop of cum as I swallowed it all up. I was loving the feel of that young hard cock filling my mouth with that sweet cum. Maybe next time I will give him some of this perfect pussy.I 

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