Naughty Teacher Farah is What all the Students Call Me

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah is my name. I have had that moniker for over a decade. Before I started teaching college, I was a part-time counselor at a high school nearby. I had my MA in Psychology and a BA in education. I was also working on my Ph.D. in Psychology at time, which is why I was only part time.  I loved counseling young minds. I got a lot of different types of students who would see me. Some with basic teenage sexual angst, and others with much more complicated lives and mental health issues. I ran into a former student I counseled when he was a young teenage boy. He is all grown up now. He was once this shy, awkward boy who could not even look a girl in the eye. I did not recognize him, and he was in my office weekly for a couple years. He knew this sexy babe though. He remembered the woman who helped him get laid. I was not his lover. I kept that relationship strictly professional. It was not because I cared about his age as much as I thought he would fall apart under the pressure of satisfying a mature woman. Well, he is a man now. And he did not cave to the pressure. He admitted to a decade crush on me. I took him home. Of course, I did. I am a mature slut. I wanted to experience the man I helped create. He is big and burly now. He is assertive too. No more shy, awkward boy. Just a confident, hung stud now. His cock was amazing. Much bigger than expected. Felting amazing to slurp on his throbbing member knowing that my brand of sex therapy porn helped give him the confidence and skill in the bedroom to make him a Casanova. That big cock made me squirt too. He found all my G spots and made me cum so hard. He was proud to show this sexy teacher all that he has learned.

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