Naughty Teacher Farah Loves Turning Young Men into Great Lovers

naughty teacherI am a naughty teacher who is itching to get back into the classroom.  Class is back in session on Wednesday, and it will be a new semester. That means a new teacher’s pet and lots of college cock for this mature slut. I am in my 50s. I have never encountered better lovers for me than young college boys. They are about the only ones who can keep up with me. Until school is back in session officially, I have been occupying my fuck holes with young studs I meet on Cougar Life or Tinder. Never a shortage of men into fucking older women like me. I think most men under 30 appreciate the experience and skill of a mature phone sex gal like me. Last night, Rob came over. He is a barely 18-year-old boy I met on Tinder. He was looking for a milf to take his virginity. Hard to believe that there is such a thing as an 18-year-old virgin. He was cute and hung and in need of a Mrs. Robinson to teach him a few things. It was the big dick that sold me on him, so I swiped right. I love being responsible for making a man a skilled lover. If I get to them young enough, they still take direction. They are eager to learn how to be good lovers. The boy had the right equipment. He just needed some practice and tutelage. He told me that he watches a lot of porn, but he was raised in a super religious home. Sex before marriage is a sin his parents told him. I told him that something that feels so good can never be a sin. I gave him his first head too. He almost blew a hole in the back of my head. When he went to eat my shaved wet pussy, I almost came instantly. I get worked up teaching virgins or boys with little game, how to be great lovers. Behind every good male lover is a hot mature woman like me.

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