Searching for a Sissy Maid

Sissy maid training

Searching: Sissy Maid Who Can Cook, Clean and Service My Friends

I need a sissy maid who can complete all of the responsibilities required for keeping a house in order as well as keep my friends company. This sissy would ideally be a slut who is good at organizing. My male friends love to come over all the time. Most of the time, like many men are, they are horny. The sissy maid will be the perfect fuck pocket for all big cocks that enter the house. It does not matter if they are folding the laundry. They will shut their cock sucking mouth and bend over like the cum slut they are. If two male guests want to fuck the maid while the dinner is on the stove, the sissy slut will turn off the stove and let them use her like the fuck toy that she is. This job is not for the faint of heat. I expect top service as well as my male guests. Only total whores need apply. 

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