Amber’s Perfect Feet!

Foot Fetishes All my sugar daddies love me for different reasons and some love me just for my perfect feet! My sugar daddies love taking care of me because I love taking care of them, one of my daddies pays me to get pedicures and take pictures of my pretty feet! I love showing off my freshly pedicured toes, my sugar daddy loves spoiling me from head to toe. He even comes by after I finish dance practice to play with my sweat soaked stockings and slide his hard daddy cock between my feet. Daddy takes a deep inhale of that sweet smell between my toes and I feel how hard it gets him. How can I resist the urge to jack daddy slowly between my toes? Feeling that rock hard dick just throbbing against my sweaty little feet makes my cunt throb and get wet. Daddy cums in thick sticky ropes all over my feet and makes me suck them clean!

Fantasy Phone Sex

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