Naughty teacher helps you learn nasty fun

When I get to be a Naughty teacher for a young wealthy businessman. His whole time was spent building his career. Therefore, he didn’t learn all the nasty things he should have. I want him to leave my place with so much knowledge and an empty balls sack. First, I want him to relax. Because I can tell that my outfit has him wound up. As we have a few drinks he touches me here and there.

I was ready to dominate him, so I straddled him. “You will do as I say and you will be rewarded if you pass the test,” I said teasingly with my big perky tits in his face. After that I stand up and undress slowly. Teasing him and forcing him to smell me and kiss my feet. “If you want to pass your test you will lick my beautiful ass”. I demanded as I bent over.

Naughty teacher

Since I have an Ass fetish, I grab your head and push it in between my ass cheeks. “Lick me fast like ice cream” I say over and over. After a bit more licking, I moaned out “suck on my clit”. Because you are learning how to eat pussy, you do as I ask. “Pull your cock out and show me how you stroke it” I say as I rub my clitty.

Then I force my wet cunty right on your cock.  I dominate you and ride your cock. “Now push up inside me” I instruct you to do. “You are learning quick and might be passing the test” I moan out as I keep fucking your cock. “I can’t hold it, I’m about to cum” you say loudly. Then you pump lots of thick sperm inside me. “You almost passed, but don’t worry we can keep trying,” I say teasing you.

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