Naughty teacher Ramona loves to lead students astray

Naughty teacher

I love being a Naughty teacher with all these younger guys and their horny cocks. More than most of the whores on here you’ll notice I have extra days off to substitute teach. It’s not a selfless endeavours. It’s totally selfish, cuz I’m a horny p-lady for those younger cocks. I’m so proud of this generation just about to cum of age. They are so giving and horny and seem to savor mature women and our insatiable appetites for cocks and cum. This week was no different except the class of boys whose cocks I made hard. When your as hot and horny as I am you can tell when you have those young studs standing at attention. To be honest, I am not one of those women who have any qualms getting what she wants and what I want is a young cock whose balls have not dropped yet. That’s when they are able to cum and cum again. I am actually the reason balls drop, when they empty their nut butter into my fuck hole over and over I can’t help but notice a shift in the way those nuts feel pressed into my ass.

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