Naughty teacher will give you extra credit

Your cock stiffs up for your Naughty teacher. “You have been falling back on your grades” I say as I lean over pushing my tits right in your face. “Don’t worry I can think of something for you to do as extra credit” I say teasingly. “I’ll do anything to pass your class” you say, winking at me. Therefore, without a word I took my panties off from under my skirt. Then I sit back on my desk. “Taste my cunty and show me how bad you want to pass the class” I demand of you seductively.

Naughty teacher

You have been hot for your teacher for a while and that is why you licked me like you were starving. “Pull your cock out and stroke it for your sexy teacher slut” I moan as you lick me hard. My pussy wetness drips from your face and it turns me on even more. “Time to do all your extra credit” I say as you grab your cock and rub it on my teacher cunt.

Then I wrapped my legs around your waist and rammed my cunt on your student cock. After I fuck you back with my wet pussy you moan out, “Teach me everything you know”.  Then I felt it, your young student’s cock started spraying inside me. “Well done you get a pass” I say as I play with the dripping sperm from my pussy. We just love some Erotic roleplaying whenever we get together. Plus, I’ll do anything for my freak mate who spoils me.

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