Needy Hairy Cunt For My Boss Again!

Hairy wet pussy It’s been way too long since I rode my bosses cock since the holidays. Thank goodness it’s back to normal at the office. I have been missing his fucking load in my cunt. I made sure to have this sweet little fuck hole nice and pretty for him. I am even ready for him to plow my ass hole out too; that’s how horny I have been the last few weeks. We used to fuck every day and than it’s been dry since he has been busy with his wife and brats at home. 

This week is a big one for him; the big bosses are coming into town to check on a sale. We have a few meetings set up so I know he has been very stressed. He’s been staying late every night at the office and I know he just needs some relief. I made sure to stay after today so we had the office to ourselves; I figured that would be the best time to make a move on him. I knew if he blew a nice big fat load or 2 he would be a little less stressed. 

I walked in and smiled at him and he looked up and stared and said how happy he was to see me. I had already slipped off my panties so I just had on my tight pencil skirt and button up blouse with no bra. I walked over and sat on the corner of his desk and told him how great of a boss he is. I spread open my legs a bit and rubbed my thigh to catch his attention. I wanted him to stare at my sweet leg gap with my glistening already soaked pussy. 

His face lit up as he saw that I had no panties covering my sweet gash and immediately took his had and started to open up my lips. I had my legs spread for him and stared at him as he finger banged my wet hole and moaned. His cock got hard; I saw him grow in his pants. He took his cock out and stroked as he watched me buck my hips while he finger fucked me. Soon enough after I squirted he had me on top of him riding his cock like always. That load shooting up in my guts felt amazing!

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