New Naughty Neighbor

Naughty neighbor phone sex


We have a new naughty neighbor who just moved in across the street who claims to be the biggest slut in the free world, but the way she reacted to seeing the size of my husband’s cock makes me have my doubts.  She might have taken a lot of dick over the years, but she has either never had one that’s as big as his or she’s a really good actor and was just trying to ingratiate herself to us through compliments.

It wasn’t just his fuck pole, she was very complimentary of my huge titties and big fat ass, too.  I get it, new girl on the block wants to make a good impression.  I mean, it worked.  She didn’t have to try so hard, though.  She’s hot as hell, she could tell that we both wanted to fuck her from the moment we all met.  Makes me think she has some sort of ulterior motives, but I’m not going to dwell on it.  I’ll just get as much sweet pussy juice out of her as I can and let my man load her up with as much of his cum as he wants while we get to know her and figure out what her real MO is.

I let her pull his bull out of his pants so she could have that hands-on experience with it.  It truly is amazing, perfectly curved with a head that isn’t too big or too small, like it was formed by the fuck gods, themselves.  She was so awestruck when she got her hands on it that she was absolutely speechless.  I leaned into her and whispered “Just wait until he puts it inside of you.” with a wink and gentle caress of her C-cup.  Then I cockslapped her across the mouth with my guy’s cunt gouger and shoved her head down onto it until her chin was pushed firmly into his balls.  Gotta establish dominance quickly with a slut, that’s a fact.


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