Offered My Holes To My Pervy Boss!

Hot sexy womanHow could my boss possibly say no to an amazing blow job by his favorite office assistant? It is simply impossible considering his wife doesn’t even touch him anymore. Plus, being easily accessible for him like a proper set of holes will get me whatever I want. He is a sucker for a nice wet hairy pussy too; so I made sure to grow it out for him. When I wear my tight little pencil skirts I make sure to have a skimpy thong on. So when I am sitting I can spread my legs so he can see my little pussy lips and pubes popping out on the side. I have this whole plan down to a fucking T; there is no way I don’t get what I want.

So, I really need to take some paid time off so I can go away. I knew my boss would say no because he is a cheap fuck. However, I also knew I could convince him to cough up some extra cash if I offered my sweet holes up to him. So i made sure my cunt , my sweet ass hole and warm wet mouth was ready to be put to use. I walked into that office and locked the door behind me and immediately got to business. I had on a tight sexy skirt and skimpy button up top(you could see my nipples). I sat on the corner of his desk and stared at him. He knew exactly what I wanted so he smirked and unbuckled his pants and belt. 

I knew I had him right where I wanted him. Next think I knew I was totally naked with his cock in my throat as usual. I looked up at him and said “So if I give you my other 2 holes can I be paid for a week off Sir”? He laughed and said “Let’s see how good that ass hole feels and how fast you can make me blow a load bitch”. I moaned and shook my head as he continued to fuck my throat hole!

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