Phone chat lines for cuckold husband confessions

Phone chat lines

Phone chat lines have the sexy Mistresses you confess to. There is this caller who loves to chat me up while he is sneaking and jerking o cuck porn. I love him to death because he is always trying to up his game by watching his porn and jerking so close to his sleeping spouse.

I know he wants her to wake up and see what he likes. Two choices are being presented here. Me pushing my guy to wake her up and show her how he wants other men to fuck her, or helping him have this conversation at a better time. She is not just a wife, but a mother now and his best way to her heart is letting her sleep. But this does need to be addressed soon. 

Phone chat lines for cuckold husband confessions

I hear the ache of my Cuckold phone sex lover in his voice. His wife has gained a few pounds and her tits are heavy and huge after the brat has come along. All he can picture when he fucks her is the best cock drilling her milf holes. And the best cock isn’t that average white guy’s cock that knocked her up.

But this is where getting as much information out of your caller is important. His wife and he had issues getting pregnant and he swears that one of his boys looks just like his best friend. He has suspicions that he is raising someone else’s offspring.

And you know what he is fine with it. Whatever makes his wife feel more like a woman, he says. He just wishes that she knew how much he enjoys Sexy hot women cuckolding husbands. I assure him the time will cum for her to be open with her cheating ways and they can have a beautiful cuckold marriage. 

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