Our Photo Shoot Turned Sapphic

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It was just supposed to be a hot photoshoot with two hotties. But when Geneva showed up my pussy began to throb. The closer the photographer made us get the more I would reach out to touch her hot body. It wasn’t long before our clothes began to hit the floor and Geneva’s fingers began exploring my tight holes.  Paolo the handsome man behind the lens became very interested in his two female lovers. We didn’t care if he was so close, he could stick his tongue out and taste us. It was a lesbian fuck fest, a cuckold beaver dam. Paolo held Geneva’s sweet pretty pussy open for me as I licked, and tongue fucked her. I know this man whose very name meant small boy wanted to fuck us, but I had a better and bigger cock in mind for my tempting hottie than a barely noticeable bulge! I bet he even spurted a little drop of cum in his designer jeans because of all the sapphic action. What did we care both of us came and were dressed and out the door on a manhunt for man meat lickity Split!

It was a fantasy he would never live out but maybe, just maybe you can, wink wink.

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