Naughty Teacher Farah

naughty teacherAll my students love that I am a naughty teacher. I can make a man out of the biggest nerds. I can spot a diamond in the rough. I teach at an elite university. My school has a higher number of geniuses than state schools. That means my classroom has a disproportionate number of nerds and geeks. I get the boys that graduated high school with 4.0 GPAs, excel at video games and speak fluent Vulkan and nerd shit like that. Smart boys, nerd boys, geek boys alike can have big cocks and be good lovers with the right teacher or sexy babe helping them. My pet this semester was a 19-year-old virgin. Math wizard too. Never had a girlfriend or a real kiss either. Head in books and video games all the time. He just needed some special attention. Behind his thick glasses and nerd clothes, was a stud with a big cock. The lad beat off of course, but he thought that was his life. His right hand was his girlfriend. Not anymore. He has been fucking me for a month now. He doesn’t need help with his grades. He is smarter than me. He just needed help with his game. I give him confidence and game with the cute coeds. He gives me a stiff dick and hard orgasms. It is what you call a win-win situation.

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