Pool Boy

Sexy phone sexMy confidence has always attracted men to me, no matter how old they are they always seem to want a little taste. This weekend I went to the pool, and the regular pool boy was working, he had his sleeves rolled up and he was vacuuming the pool. When he got closer I rolled over onto my stomach, showing off my ass in my thong bikini. He was clearly trying not to look, and it made me smirk. Silly, shy little pool boy. He continued to work and I jumped in the water, I could see him watching me, so I slid my hand behind my back, making eye contact and untied my bathing suit top. He was absolutely shocked as I took off my top, exposing my hard nipples, and making his cock noticeably hard. I slowly got out of the pool and dried off, walking to the bathroom. As I knew he would, he met me there, ready to give me what I wanted. It was just like when I was younger – we were making out and groping, ripping our clothes off like animals. He put me onto the bathroom sink, sliding his cock into me hard and fast. I bounced up and down on his dick and it was evident that this pool boy did this often. Soon we were both cumming, loving the secrecy of our fucking, knowing he’d always see me at the pool and miss this horny cunt.

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