Sexy Night In

Shaved wet pussy

I wanted to surprise you this evening. I made a delicious dinner and chilled some wine, lit some candles and really tried to set the mood. When you walked through the door I was waiting for you in nothing but a cute little apron and some high heels. I wanted to give you the ultimate 50’s housewife fantasy! I sat you on the couch with a glass of your favorite drink and took off your shoes and socks. I massaged your feet until you relaxed into the couch, I know how sore they get from working all day. I then got on my knees between your legs and massaged your cock through your pants before undoing your them, slipping my hand inside and pulling out your stiffening member. I used my hand to stroke you before pressing my lips gently against the head and taking your dick into my warm, wet mouth, I used my mouth and tongue until you were writhing on the couch. Then I straddled you and slowly slid my soaking wet cunt onto your cock and began to thrust my hips slowly, riding you, tits bouncing in your face, kissing passionately. I fucked you like that slowly at first and then faster and harder until you climaxed and came deep inside my pussy. I then cleaned you up with my mouth, redid your pants and then led you to the table. Dinner is served my love.



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