Ready For Daddy’s Friends!

Nothing makes me happier than spoiling myself all day just so I can get used like a cum dumpster for all of daddy’s work colleagues! The Annual Christmas Party is where daddy expects the most from me all year, I have to make a good impression for daddy so he keeps making all the money he needs to take care of me. Daddy tells me to buy an amazing evening gown and pamper myself from head to toe so I can look like a pageant princess when all his coworkers see me. I spend all evening flirting with all these wealthy older gentlemen until daddy gives me the signal to strip naked in the center of the room. All the men surround me with their hard cocks and I start to spread my tight little fuck holes for them! By the end of the night my pussy is leaking hot loads of cum and daddy’s position with the company is more secure than it’s ever been!

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