Secretary Fuck

mature phone sexI love being a sophisticated hot ass fucking woman. But sometimes I need to be fucked like a dirty fucking whore. You were my boss and I could tell that you looked at my ass every time I bent over in this tiny ass skirt. I knew that you have been wanting for fuck me for a while and right now I fucking needed to be a fucking slut. I unbuttoned my shirt until you could see my titties made sure that if I bent over you could see my ass. I walked in and “accidently” dropped a pencil right in between your legs, I could see you getting hard when I bent down so I got down on my knees and did what I have been wanting to do for a long fucking time. I unbuttoned your pants and pulled out you long hard cock, I could see your wide eyes as I opened my mouth and took you all in. I licked and sucked so fucking good while you were trying to be quiet so no one would hear us. I got up once you were nice and wet, lifted my skirt and bent over right in front of your face. You didn’t waste any time in leaning over and licking me all up. You got up once you got a taste and fucked me good and hard before I got down on my knees and sucked all the salty sweet fucking cum out of your hard cock

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