Your son Loves my cunt

Erotic roleplaying Anna

                I promised your son I’d teach him what I knew women needed from a man-& he got fucked. Yes- I fucked your son until he had barely a drop of cum left in those big juice balls. In fact, he kept fucking me even after he came cause his dick was still fucking hard and he couldn’t stop sucking and squeezing my big milf titties! His huge hard fucking cock ramming my pussy while my titts jiggle had me moaning so deep I begged him not to stop. He naturally knew which angles felt good and my cunt would hug his cock hard when he shoved it in deep and throbbed it. Danny pulled it with both our creamy cum covering his dick-still rock solid, flipped me over to keep fucking me like the bitch that I am! I wish I woke up to him pulling my hair and fucking me raw and hard this morning.

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    • Carl on July 11, 2022 at 1:00 pm
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