Sensual Fucks With Anna

Sensual Phone Sex Anna

Instead of running that mouth to me I’ll shove this pussy in it! I’m sick of your complaints-you just need some sweet pussy juice to calm your nerves along with some warm long strokes babe. Let me ease your tensions and give you all of this bald, wet cunt. Grip these big tits and forget about everything else going on around you. Look into my eyes while I satisfy your hard cock and you make my pussy come from your thrusts. Glide those manly hands around and down my back until you grip that tight ass. Mmmm yes babe I know you love fucking this pussy-the way you grip my sexy legs right by my ass and glide me on your fat cock! I don’t want you slipping out unless your switching holes-in that case, let me turn around and ride you while you shove it up my ass. Watch me bounce and jiggle it while you get ready to cum inside me. Go ahead and surprise me, grip your arms around me-pin me down into the sheets. Shove that cock as deep as you can and fill me with all that sticky, creamy hot cum sweetie- you know that’s all I need.

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