Sexy Babe and Mistress

sexy babeI love being a sexy babe. I get my man always. I had my sights set on this married professor that lives two doors down. His wife is such a cunt. She is nasty to everyone. I know she is jealous of my sexy body and tight perky boobs. She gets Botox often. No doubt she has had work done too because her face never moves. I was happy to seduce her hubby just because she is a cunt. Anyway, I had it all planned out. I acted like I locked myself out of my house letting my pup out to pee. I had on just a silky pink robe and nothing underneath. I knocked on his door with my little Pom under my arm. We both gave him puppy dog eyes as I explained the predicament I was in. I could see the boner in his sweatpants. It was a cakewalk. I put my pup down and grabbed his cock through his pants. I started massaging him until he came in his boxers. He looked embarrassed, but I assured him it was all part of my plan. I needed him to cum quickly, so he would last to fuck my shaved wet  pussy. He was hard again in ten minutes and I was riding his cock like a horny cowgirl. I fucked him for a couple hours before I told him I was not really locked out of my house. He smiled. I think he was flattered I went though such lengths just to fuck him. It was work it. He has a huge cock.

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