The Art Of Seduction

erotic roleplaying

I love the art of seduction. So many people have let that fall to the wayside and I just don’t understand that at all. I know that these days, people just want instant gratification. That’s just so sad. Letting the excitement and anticipation build is one of the hottest things in the world when it comes to sexual things. The longing, the throbbing, the desperation…it’s all just such a beautiful thing. And when you call me, that’s what you’ll get. It’s not going to be instant pleasure for you, so you can just forget that. I’m going to tease you and draw things out so that when you finally do get to have an orgasm, it’s going to be so good that you might see stars.
Do you want to hear about some of the times I’ve seduced other men? I have some really good stories that I could tell you. I know you will be wishing so much that you’re the man in the story. But if you just close your eyes and imagine it, you can be. Let me tell you all of the things I’d do to you to draw out your pleasure. Just lie back and let yourself feel it. I promise it will be amazing.

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