Sexy Babe and Neighbor Talia

sexy babeA sexy babe like me can have any man she wants. I have those cute schoolgirl looks with the girl next door charm. I have men eating out of the palm of my hand! Danny is a hot neighbor guy I have had my eye on for months. Married man but that never stops me. It rarely stops them either. The only reason I have not fucked Danny sooner is because his wife is always around. I think she knows I am a slut and that her husband would fall to his knees just to sniff my panties. She was right. She is out of town this weekend and the first thing he did this morning was pay his naughty neighbor a visit. He asked to borrow some sugar like it was 1950. I wasn’t buying his innocence act. I dropped the sugar packets on the floor on purpose then bent down slowly to retrieve them. It was a test. I had on a short skirt with thong panties. Danny had an ass fetish, which was what I was hoping for because I have a hot ass. He pulled me back on his crotch, so I could feel his pulsating cock. I managed to get his cock out of his pants quickly and in my sweet puckered asshole. He fucked me like he had not been laid in years. Biggest nut too. He has been fucking me on and off all day. I imagine in the few days his wife is gone, my pussy and ass will be worn out.

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