Sexy Babe Farah Explores Your Mommy Issues

sexy babeThis sexy babe is officially on break until mid-January. No more classes. I gave my last final on Friday, and I turned in all my grades on Saturday. Now, all I need to do is fuck and work my phone line. This means I am around more on the phone to help men with their holiday therapy needs. And so far, I have been slammed. The holidays bring out so much anxiety in men. Overbearing mothers, cock teasing mothers, hard to please mothers, all the above kind of mothers, men see again, and it stirs up old memories and wounds.

Although I mostly specialize in cuckolding therapy, I do deal with a lot of mommy issues too. I can be a surrogate mommy, a phone sex mommy to help men work out their issues. Although I am not a Freudian therapist, I do believe a lot of men suffer from mommy issues. Some good issues, some bad issues. Either way these issues need to be worked out. And I am here for that.

I spoke at length last night with a guy whose mother kept him sheltered for years. Home schooled him until the authorities forced him back to school because his mother did not follow the curriculum for home schooling. This poor guy had an overbearing, controlling mother who suffered from abandonment issues. She never wanted him to leave the nest. His mother romanticized him, but never acted upon anything, stunting his emotional growth.

I am a Mommy Therapist Too

Many single moms rely too much on their sons. They make their boy the man of the house but give him none of the benefits of being such. So, the boy grows up conflicted, unable to have an equal relationship with a woman. He seeks out older, domineering and possessive women. This leads to a series of bad relationships after another. But phone sex therapy can help a man work through his mommy issues.

I reset the mommy son relationship. With me, a man can explore his mommy fantasies. He can get the mom son relationship he should have had. And when we explore mommy son relationships in a more loving, nurturing and healthy way, a man can move on and have more normal relationships with women. Do you need some mommy therapy before the holidays too?

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