Sissy Humiliation

sissy humiliationSissy humiliation is so much fun, especially with men who don’t yet know they are sissies! I often meet men who don’t know they were not put on this earth to satisfy women. Trent is my latest sissy project. What a sissy too. First, he has this feminine voice. He has not an ounce of masculinity in his voice. Second, he is tiny in statue with feminine features like soft skin and thin lips. He even has small hands and feet. Finally, he as a 3-inch dick. It is neither big nor thick. It is a clitty stick at best. So, when he tried to fuck me, I put my arm out and laughed. I laughed hard. It was a reaction he was not prepared for either. He has a good job. Makes more money than I do, but I explained that money doesn’t matter. I have it and I am very comfortable. Mature sexy women like me only need a big cock, which he was lacking. He was not prepared for small dick humiliation either, but he got it too. It didn’t take long for me to have him in panties on his knees worshiping my cunt and ass the only way he can, with his tongue. I laughed at him and called him a good boy. I am sorry. I don’t care how nice you are or how wealthy you are. If you have a small dick, you are my sissy or my cuckold. If you can’t handle that, don’t hit on me and don’t call me.

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