Sissy humiliation lets make you will be main serving of entertainment

Sissy humiliationAre you in denial? Your small dick is grounds for Sissy humiliation! Don’t you dare come to me with that bullshit about you being “Bisexual”. Do you think a real man would ever put on a g-string and bury a rubber dick down his throat for attention? You are nothing but a deceiving man which is why I will be punishing you for all of the women you’ve deceived. That pathetic cock of yours stands as tall as a chap-stick but then again as if. Men like you don’t deserve attention from sexy women like me… The only way you stand a chance of even speaking to me is by paying me.

Nothing screams loser more than a man on the other end of the phone begging for me to hover my cum filled cunt over his face after being fucked by a real bull.

Small dick humiliation is the only thing that makes you worthy of my or any woman’s attention! You are nothing more than the main serving of pure entertainment. I couldn’t imagine being degraded yet still paying for a service. Of course on your end, it’s not something you imagine; it’s actually what a pathetic man like you has to deal with day to day. The tone of your voice screams “I am a faggot”. Watching you struggle to wank your pathetic slug while bringing you to near climax only to stunt that orgasm of yours, is priceless. Men with small dicks don’t deserve to cum! Why don’t we take a look at adequate cocks online so you can see for yourself aside from already knowing, that you serve no use with that teeny cocklet of yours?

I am a Sexy dominatrix who lives to tease and deny you while laughing at you as you frantically jerk trying to get a grip of your nub!

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