Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation is exactly what guys like you want. You are the big man on campus, or maybe the top dog at work. You are big and powerful in your real life. But sexually? You aren’t a real man at all. You get off on watching your girl get fucked by a guy with a much bigger dick than yours. And you love when I make fun of your dick; how puny and pathetic it is and how it will never satisfy another woman.

                Why don’t you come and stand in front of me and undo your belt and pants. Pull your pants down and pull your underwear down too. I want to see how insanely small that dick is. Ok, so is that hard right now, or natural? Oh, my Lord! How on earth do you ever plan on satisfying women if they can’t even feel anything?

                You are not going to fuck me today. I need a real man to fill these holes that I have and to really be able to feel anything. You should be ashamed of that tiny thing hanging between your legs.

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