Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation

Come to me when you want a little relaxation after a hard day at work. I know you secretly want some small dick humiliation. You can’t even please a woman with that tiny stump between your legs. I think I’ll dress you up like a faggoty little bitch instead. If you can’t please a girl, you might as well become one!

                I’ll tease and deny your little dick. It won’t please me inside, but staring at it, I still can’t believe it’s so small. I laugh inside and that does please me. If you can’t fuck bitches, then what are you even good for? I think everyone in life has a purpose. Yours is just pure entertainment.

                I’ll be right back; I have to find my magnifying glass. I suppose being the laughing stock isn’t the worst thing. You are cheering a lot of girls up when they had some awfully shitty days.

                Now that I’m in a much better mood, I fuck this random guy that just walked into my room. The way his hard dick fills up my pussy feels amazing. I see you watching us, studying us, just wishing you could fuck and please a woman this way.

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