Small dick humiliation by your sister

It’s a couple of days before my wedding. I just got my dress I hung it up. It hugs me in all the right places. I’m going to be so sexy walking down that aisle.

Small dick humiliation

When I come back to look at it I find my little brother in my brand new dress dancing around and prancing like a little bitch. I look at him and smack him across the face. Yelling at Rory asking what are you doing have you lost your fucking mind. You in my fucking dress I pull out my phone as he’s telling me he will take it off. I say you made your bed now lay in it. I laugh at the little sissy boy making him pose for the camera. when I get done laughing I demand him he takes off his dress. When he takes off the dress he has on nothing but his tidy whiteys. Small dick humiliationI look at his girly ass laughing and hacking about how you are a small dick pussy. What grown man still wears tidy whiteys that’s why you have such a small dick.

You got a pussy in between your legs I laughed so hard pointing at him and belittling him. I pull out my camera again taking pictures of him. You act like a bitch a full-blown pussy. As I’m laughing my mom walks in and asks what’s going on.


I look at her telling her he has a clit. She has 2 daughters you don’t have a son. Mom, he was prancing around in my wedding dress. She laughed and said you’re still wearing women’s clothes. She looked at him shook her head and left.Small dick humiliation I went back to laughing calling at my friends on camera  Telling them about my little Sissy boy brother. I looked at him and said drop those tidy whiteys let them see your clit. He’s crying so embarrassed as he pulls off those tidy whiteys and exposes his little baby Dick. Now say you have a small baby dick and you love for us to do Small dick humiliation with you.


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