Rewarding a clever simp as a Hot Sexy woman

Hot sexy womanI spent my morning as a Hot sexy woman rewarding one of my best simps with my tits. I laid back with my glorious, perfect body and made him do all the work but he was happy to break a sweat while I yawned and sipped a smoothie he bought. Technically he’d bought it for him but, well, no man is going to tell me no, especially not while their cock is humping its way into an eruption right between my glazed bouncy bags. I’m the highlight of any scene, and my tits are right there with me, thick and voluptuous, fun for all hours of the night and never needing to pause. They’re big enough they’re not even all that sensitive, so his Sensual phone sex attempts to mold and play with my nipples and jugs with his hands while he bucks is in vain. It feels good but, there’s no way he’d ever make me cum like that, meanwhile he’s about to blow just thinking about another dozen thrusts.

I catch his eyes right as he decides to play a fast one, trying to gather his breathing so he doesn’t let off that he’s about to cum, trying to trick me into letting him spatter my face with hot rich cum. A part of me wants to let him do it. The feeling of that searing, steamy goodness on my cheeks would tingle in all the best ways. But there really does have to be a power play here, if I let him get away with one fast one, how long before he’s trying to slip into my pussy somehow? Then again, that’d be really fun, and he has been such a good boy… I contemplate my Roleplay phone sex responsibility while he gets closer and closer, and soon enough my choice is made for me. I open my mouth just before, to prove a point, and inform him he’d been discovered long ago, drinking up the sweet treat that’s given.

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