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Ginger Needs Some Dick

domination porn

It’s not easy being a cougar. Aside from having an insatiable appetite for sex, sometimes it just gets too much when you see a hot young guy in your presence. And they might overwhelm them as well. It could put you in some crazy situations. So when I was at the office there is a new guy that they recently hired. I just had the hots for him I can’t stop thinking about him. I can see the way he looks at me when we’re at work. Its just fireworks between the two of us. I wondered if he liked me too. But I didn’t have to wonder for long because one day we were in the break room when he said well I was wondering if I could take you out sometime. And I said absolutely I would really like that. I didn’t want him to know that I already have a partner. I just couldn’t resist him. So I let him take me out to the movies one night then when we are on our way home. We kissed very passionately and he wanted to come inside luckily my partner wasn’t home. So I let him come in and fuck me all night. I let him hit it raw. So far this has been going on for about the last month or so. I wonder how long I can keep it a secret from my partner. I know he will be just devastated to know that I was getting the best dick of my life.