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Exhibitionist Slut Farah Loves to Show Off Her Body

exhibitionist sexI enjoy exhibitionist sex. Do you? Since I got older, I am more comfortable with my body. So, I never mind flaunting it. Sometimes, I go to the nude beach to show off and check out the men. You know what you are getting at the nude beach. Nothing gets hidden, LOL. I met Matt Sunday on my excursion. A younger man, but a hung one. We hit it off. Although the beach was full of women with boobs much bigger than mine, he seemed to only have eyes for me.

Matt had a condo he rented for the week not far from the beach, so I went home with him.  He was closer and I wanted to fuck. So, did he. I sat on his balcony showing off my tits while he made us some drinks. Matt told me he was on vacation for a week. And I told him he could stay with me the next time he was in town. I know; I made a risky statement not knowing him at all. But I saw his cock and that was all that I needed to know.

I Love Being an Exhibitionist Slut

He got to experience my great blowjobs. And he seemed impressed. He never had a balls deep blowjob before. He was in for a treat. I swallowed all his jizz. Another first he said. Because I am an exhibitionist slut, I told him he should fuck me on his balcony. And he agreed too. He had never fucked outside before. I mean he was younger than me, but not that young. Had to be in his 30s at least.

His dick pounded my pussy so hard it slipped into my ass. The rail pressed against my boobs too. He did not even realize he was in my ass until I told him to rub my pussy so I could cum with him. And that was yet another first. So, I was his first deep throat head. His first outdoor fucking and his first ass fucking too. We have fucked every day since we met. Sadly, he heads back to Arizona on Friday. But he cannot get enough of this mature phone sex babe, so I think I will see him again soon.

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