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Best Phone Sex; Dear Doc G, I Need Your Mature Live Chat Help!

Best Phone Sex

Dear Doc G,

I heard that you have just the best phone sex help I was looking for. I think I have a problem. There is nothing more that I love in this world then a big hard cock. I find myself teasing lots of men just to get a rise from them, just to check out the size of their package. If they are not up to standard I just toss them to the side without a care. I was told that I am a big bitch. This can not be true, I am the sweetest…I think. Is there something wrong with me or am I just being silly?

Sweetly Yous,


Mature Live Chat

Hello Candy, 

Might I say it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I love that you have written me, my mature live chat is always the best advise. Let me start off by saying there is nothing wrong with you. I am sure you have a hot teen body and that should come with high standards. Big cock is truly the best and little wieners are a waste of time. That being said, I think I can only prescribe no less then five sessions with me. Please make an appointment with me at 866-610-9339 and we can get everything set up. 

Here to help,

Doctor Ginger Fox

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This is how it all started. An exchange of letters and when I showed up at her office that day I had no idea what to expect. They do say she is the best so I knew she would live up to her name, but when she brought in her own stud for sex therapy I knew I was in the right place. The next five sessions she spent teaching me all the ways that my hot teen fuck holes could be stretched to the max and boy did it feel good. She was right, I should not ever expect less for my body. She prescribed me more sessions and I could not wait! I was going to be a sexual dynamite by the time she was done with me! 

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