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I was in so much trouble!

best phone sexI was in so much trouble yesterday, honestly I was afraid that I would be fired. I was trembling with fear when my boss called me into his office, I could see by his expression that he was in a foul mood, I had no idea what he was going to do to me. He started off by screaming at me, he was pissed because I was away from my desk when a very important client of his came in, he said that it was unprofessional of me that I had made him wait and that I was going to have to be punished. He forced me to lift up my skirt and drop my panties before laying across his lap… he spanked my bare bottom until I was crying and begging for forgiveness, I promised that I would never make his client wait again! He must have liked that because without a word he picked me up, bent me over the desk and fucked me until we both came! I had to work standing up for the rest of the day but it was all so worth it!