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Erotic Roleplaying in the Bedroom Spices Up Your Sex Life

erotic roleplayingI enjoy erotic roleplaying. I do the horny teacher student roleplays daily because I fuck some young collegiate guy daily. But every now and then, I find a man who wants to role play something other than student teacher. Now, I only role play with worthy men. I am a size queen.

At any given time, I am juggling a few lovers at once. Since I am a twice divorced woman, I decided that I enjoy being a mature slut more than a monogamous wife. Personally, I do not believe we were meant to fuck only one guy for the rest of our lives. Sex should never be boring. And monogamy equals boring to me. Role plays help spice up a sex life too.

As a phone sex therapist as well as a mature slut, I often encourage couples to role play in the bedroom. Not only does it spice things up, but it can help couples explore their fantasies. One of my current lovers always had a thing for sexy maids. Since his cock is damn near a foot long, I told him I could be his sexy maid. Even though I am a far cry from a domesticated woman, I found a sexy outfit at an adult store and went to clean his house.

I Love Roleplaying in the Bedroom

I employ a maid part time. And she would not look like I did in a sexy maid outfit. Even though I live alone, I am busy fucking, teaching and talking dirty. No time to clean. But I cleaned Terry’s house. However, I really cleaned Terry’s cock. When we first hooked up, I gagged on his cock. Now, I can deep throat him better than Linda Lovelace.

He appreciated my attempts at being his naughty maid. But he appreciated my skills in the bedroom more. According to him, I am the only woman who can deep throat his cock. I believe him too. Every man brags about my great blowjobs. We fucked like wild animals in his apartment. Fucked in every room of his place too. If your love life seems a little lackluster, role play. It might just lead to some hot ass sex.

Mature Phone Sex Babe

mature phone sexMature phone sex women stay busy. It is my summer break now. I turned in my grades last week and I said no to summer school. I want to enjoy my summer break. Teaching is fun for me though. I like the interaction with students, I just do not want to grade exams or be stuck inside during prime day hours. I used to surf when I was younger. I was born and raised in California. The beach is a great place to pick up younger men too. Surfer boys are buff and young.  I just had to find one who was hung too. I grabbed my surfboard and went to the beach this morning. Lots of young guys catching some waves as the sun rose. No guy tried to mansplain surfing to me, but many were in awe of my fabulous 50 something body. I am a sexy babe regardless of my age. I took home the 20 something man whose cock was at attention in his swim trunks. Since I could see the large tent, I knew he had a cock that could make me melt. He attends my university, but I have never had him as a student. He was strong too. He lifted me up and fucked me standing up. His cock was a beauty too. One of those cocks that hungry milfs like me can devour. I was horny as fuck for him. He clearly was hot for me too. We fucked for hours. His stamina was what every milf hopes for in a man. He was hung better than most porn stars. I joked that he had a cock for porn. He had never fucked a cougar before, but after our 2-hour fuck session, he had a solid case of milf phone sex fever. That was because I took his massive rod balls deep down my throat and in my pussy. I even let him fuck my ass, which is something he said no girl has let him do before. That was because he was fucking girls. Now he is fucking a woman.