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Appetite for Big Black Cock




shaved wet pussyFulfilling  a different fantasy every weekend for my lover is what I do best. My boyfriend and I are freaks we are into all kinds of kinky shit. Lately my boyfriend has had fantasy and an appetite for big black cocks, and I’m all too happy to help accommodate. Usually, we get day passes at different gyms in our area and I will wear my best camel toe showing leggings and he will wear gym shorts where you can see the outline of his shaft and mushroom tip thru the thin fabric. When we spot a chiseled young piece of ass that we both agree on we go in for the kill. I will strike a conversation with the eager participant and invite him over to our apartment. Once he arrives, I’m in my skankiest garter belt and stockings with my round perky tits naked with nipples erect.  my boyfriend assists me as we underdress our prize and I usually aggressively push my boyfriend to his knees and let him pull down the pants of our latest find and his big throbbing pulsing black cock will flop into his face. This last black cock was so fucking big my boyfriend was gagging so hard blowing him that he puked all over his dick, just spraying chunks all over his thighs and dick, dripping all over making a huge mess. So, I had to shove my boyfriends face deep into his crotch and told him to use his fucking tongue to clean up the mess he caused! He greedily slurped up all the clumps and chunks off the carpet and then feasted on the dried pieces he had to chip up with his teeth off of the stiff black cock waiting to be finished off. After he was finished licking up all the throw up, It was then he got on all fours and let the ebony rod pierce is tight asshole. He squeaked and squealed but it didn’t last long as that spear fucked his hole deeply. Inch by inch his ass was stretched out and worked into submission. I saw the huge black balls just bounce everywhere as he feverishly pounded my boyfriend’s ass. I proceeded to sit my hot slit down onto my bf face and held his head against my box as I felt him tongue fuck my pussy like a champ. As my body shuddered to climax, I used my thighs to squeeze his head and express my orgasm…. that’s when  I heard our guest start groaning deeply has he started thrusting harder and harder and released his hot load into my cum dumpster boyfriend. I could feel the climax shudder thru his body and then I looked as my boyfriend was tugging at his own member and grunting as pre cum sprayed all over his stomach. He pulled on his cock and furiously and it was red and swollen and raw. He finally jerked his cock into submission and let out a hot sticky pool of sperm all over his belly. Finally, he had what he wanted, his entire body and all his holes filled with sticky cum and a belly full of swimmers.