Tease And Denial Play Got Me Fucked!

Tease And Denial Playing a game of tease and denial with my student got him so hard I made him beg for a foot job! I was tutoring a really hot guy in my class for some extra credit when I realized my foot had been teasing his cock underneath the table. I hadn’t even noticed that I was playing a seductive game with him. Ever since I started having coed phone sex I realized that guys with foot fetishes love my feet! That became even more obvious when my student’s cock started bobbing up and down through his jeans. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the domination porn I had been watching recently, I wanted to be his sexy dominatrix, I wanted to make him beg for sweet release. I let my skirt slide up just a bit more while reading, I could feel him staring at my shaved wet pussy as if he could see right through my pink panties. He arched his hips while holding my foot right against his crotch, all I had to do was flex my French manicured toes once or twice and he would have cum in his pants! I didn’t even look at him as I moved my foot away, he groaned in frustration, begging to fuck my toes… even offering me twice my fee. Why would I deny him the full naughty teacher experience?

Foot Fetishes

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