the rules to serve a sexy babe

sexy babe

So you want to be able to worship me? Do you have the kind of cock that I can submit to? A sexy babe like me needs the truth. If you don’t do you have the kind of money that will keep me happy and have me buying all of my favorite things? Mhm, that’s a no huh? Okay well, don’t fret there are other ways to make this work. First and foremost I will not be letting you touch me. You quite frankly don’t even deserve to be around the oxygen I breathe. Next do not think you will be able to manipulate me for your gains. You will not be able to whine and complain you have to follow my rules. Most importantly every penny you make whether is $20 or $2000 a week goes to me. You have to keep me happy and also you must do exactly as I say when I say. If I tell you to suck a cock you deepthroat it if I say jump you say how high. I rule everything.

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