Teased By a Teen Stripper

Tease and denial

I’m a young teen that loves to strip in the club for older guys like you. I see you staring at my tight sexy body, mesmerized by my erotic dancing and wishing I would hop on your dick right now and ride it until you cum. That’s too bad, because I love being a tease. Shaking my ass in front of you is so fun knowing that I won’t ever fuck you. Don’t you like how my tits are in your face, bouncing up and down as I grind on your cock? Don’t you just love when I turn around and rub on your hard cock with my ass? I hump your leg, getting myself off using your body. When you touch me, however, I leave you with that hard cock. I know it’s mean to leave you with a boner but it turns me on so much to know that I could get you that hard and leave you with blue balls.

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