You have Foot fetishes and I have an Ass fetish

When you are a freak and have Foot fetishes it is so fun for me. I love getting my feet done and making sure they’re soft. When you are over, I will make sure you worship my pretty. You don’t mind massaging them and even suck them, you love using your tongue to massage them with your tongue. You are so good at it that you suck every toe like it were a clit on a pussy you want to squirt. I really enjoy watching you submit and make my feet your night snack. I see your cock leaking and I want you to lick my asshole. See i have an Ass fetish and I love having my rose bud licked. Once I bent over and spread my ass cheeks for you, you started licking my asshole and jerking off. I know you are getting your cock ready but all I focus on is how your tongue wiggles on my ass. I rub my clit hard and that is all I need. I cum hard all over your face. Since you ate my ass so good, I put my feet on your hard cock and wiggle my toes teasing you. You stick your cock in between my toes, and you fuck my pretty feet. It doesn’t take much before you blast your load all over my feet. That is why you spoil me and eat my ass whenever you come over.

Foot fetishes

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