Visit With My Sexy Girlfriend

Sexy girlfriend porn


One of my best friends flew in to visit me and my man and we filmed sexy girlfriend porn pretty much the entire time she was here!  I knew we would have a great time with her but I had no idea just how fun getting freaky with one of my closest confidants would be.  It was so freeing and easy going that it kind of blew my already outspread mind wide open!

Olive and I have been online friends for years and years, now.  We’ve toyed with and teased guys online, even done some joint webcam bean flicking for cash from strangers a couple of times.  Whatever we do on the web together, we always have a great time doing it.  I figured that if we have so much fun together from so far apart, then the fun we could have in person would be phenomenal!  I wasn’t wrong.

When we got home from the airport, I poured us a few drinks and we all started chatting.  It was a lovely conversation which soon led to a buzzed cuddle puddle on the couch.  With both Olive and I on top of him, my man couldn’t resist rubbing and squeezing both of us and all of our voluptuous parts.  The intimate petting, mixed with a good amount of loving sexy talk courtesy of my guy, quickly turned into a steamy makeout session between the three of us.  The thought of both of our mouths must’ve really turned him on because he pulled out his prick and told both of us to blow him.  I gave him a grin, I love it when he tells me to suck his cock, which he returned with a nod as he lifted his phone to face level so he could record the sloppy suck session.

Olive wasn’t shy, she grabbed his pole and started kissing and licking the head of it as she moaned with joy as though she hadn’t had a delicious dong in her mouth in years.  She treated his meat like it was a prized possession, rubbing it all over her face and embracing it like an old friend she hadn’t seen in a really long time.  I let her do her thing, she was in a groove and my man was thrilled by her delight.  It was so cute!  And, by the way we both orally handled his hog, you’d have thought that we had sucked off a thousand guys together.  We’ve always been a great team, we just work so well together.

I could tell he was a little confused when he was about to blow, he didn’t know which one of us to give his load to.  He’s such a sweet man, I just started stroking him and told him that he should cover Olive’s face with every creamy drop of cum that he could because they both needed it.  With that, he let loose a torrent of thick, hot jizz that splattered all over my bestie’s beautiful face, coating her in his sticky-sweet sex sauce.  She loved it, made her smile from ear to ear.

The spent the rest of the time she was here in an ongoing naked romp full of crazy conversations, a little drinking and light drug use and hours and hours of orgasm inducing three way sex, with almost all of it caught on camera so we could be certain to never forget Olive’s first visit.  My favorite footage of her first visit is from our sexy dance parties, but the shots of both of us on top of him riding like he took quarters to operate are great, too.  Olive’s big butt gyrating and twitching on his face as I grind my gash into him hard and fast is a cinematic masterpiece on its own.  When she screams loud and squirts so much she almost drowns him in pussy juice and I do the same all over his rock hard rod, that shit deserves an award!

I can’t wait to see Olive again.  There’s a reason we’re bosom buddies and it’s not just because we both have large boobs.  I love having so much in common with her and, now that I’ve shared the love of my life with her, we have even more to talk about.  We see things eye to eye, me and Olive, and view the whole world for what it really is… Our playground.


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