When you are down follow these rules

Domination porn


No matter how much it turns me on to take charge of my lover, it can be equally as hot to be the vulnerable one.  If I didn’t have any experience in being vulnerable, how would I be so good at being in charge.  You have to be able to experience both sides before you can truly excel in either.  It’s simple logic.

Building trust is of the utmost importance, because without trust, you will never push past your limits. Being more dominant, I am used to having a man drop to his knees and suck my pussy until I cum hard all over his face, but the first time I was on the receiving end was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.  Obviously the first time you do anything is always exciting because you have no expectations, but a big part of it was how forceful he was with me.

He took me by the hair at the back of my neck and pulled me into the corner. Then he told me to unzip his pants and free his giant cock, because he was going to proceed to fuck my throat for as long and as hard as he wanted. He didn’t start slowly, he just pushed it straight to the back of my throat.  It was extremely overwhelming, but something inside me let it continue and he could feel that I didn’t want to stop, so he kept pushing me.

He must have fucked my mouth for at least an hour straight, because he came 3 times.  Yes, I did come as well with his cock buried all the way down my throat. I think the most exciting part was not knowing when it would end and how I gasped for air not knowing if I would pass out. Gasping for air that way brought me to a heightened arousal I never experienced before.  I was totally in his hands, and I loved every second of it.  Now when I take charge of my lover, I keep that experience in mind to make sure his experience is just as exciting.


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