Whored My Sissy to Afford My Lifestyle

Princess phone sex

I don’t need to work or pay for anything when I have you around. I don’t care how much money I am gifted, I will always want to pimp out my sissy sex slave to afford my luxury lifestyle. Put on your tight dress, your whore makeup your 8 inch heels so you can walk the streets and make my money. Luckily for you, you don’t have to walk the streets tonight because I have clients who are dying to meet you. A frat house wants you to come over and be passed around like a football. They will choke you, fuck you and use you like a toy. Every hole in your body will be destroyed and filled with cum. You will barely be able to walk when they’re done with you. They know you’re a sissy whore and they can do whatever they want to you. They have such delicious ideas of what to do with your body that they told me on the phone. Once you’re done, you don’t keep a dime. You keep taking those cocks while I profit. 

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