Would you like to experience Tease and Denial with a Sophisticated Hottie?

Tease and Denial

Have you ever had thoughts of how amazing Tease and Denial could be with a hottie you’ve been dreaming about? Come have a seat and let’s talk about all the things that get you hot and bothered. I would love to take the chance to really get to know you, being able to tease you and make your cock so incredibly stiff and horny. The thought of you squirming like a dirty little whore for me while I whisper sweet nothings into your ear, telling you all the things I’d like to do to you. How I’d suck your cock in extremely graphic details as you just sit there stroking, unable to cum. Every time your reach the edge you’re about to fall over, I stop you. Cutting you off, not letting you touch it anymore, or finishing. Unable to touch me, just totally denied in every way.

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