You can look but you can’t touch

Erotic roleplayingI love fucking you up each and every day, it’s truly what I do best. Erotic roleplaying with super vanilla is my favorite because they’re the easiest to use and manipulate to do whatever the fuck I desire. Literally they love to do whatever the fuck I tell them to do without any hesitation whatsoever. Plus, it’s now officially bikini season and you know what that means!! You wallet is due to be drained to expense my whole entire new summer wardrobe. Take me shopping you little bitch and spoil me like how I deserve to be spoiled. Don’t spare a dime when it comes to giving me what the fuck I want. I’ll kick you ass to the curb real fuckin quick if you don’t! Sit back and enjoy the show as you watch me try on all my sexy outfits, you can look but you can’t touch you little bitch! Feel free to go broke for me though, i’ll definitely let you do that any time that you want! Queens never pay for anything, that’s your job bitch boy!

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