You Would Look Lovely In A Dress

Sissy humiliation

The moment I met Ben I just knew he wasn’t the man he pretended to be. The way he would admire my clothes and style in such a way it seemed like he idolized me. Most men have a look when they are undressing me with their eyes. Not Ben, he wasn’t undressing me he was playing out a whole different kind of fantasy in his mind. On the outside he was handsome, strong not a bad man to have on your arm at all. However, I can see past that to what is lurking beneath him. Inside he was delicate, beautiful and I would guess very horny. Most locked away sluts tend to be. So tonight I planted the seed that will hopefully lead to me coaxing out the slut that lays beneath. As we returned to my home after an evening out instead of pulling him in for a kiss, I whispered in his ear “You would look lovely in a dress”. I sent him on his way after that, the look on his face let me know he would be back. And me and my closet of fun will be waiting for him.

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