a sexy babe for the sugar bowl

sexy babe

I’m a sexy babe that keeps everything in check for the only the best. I get all dressed up and ready for a fun night with my favorite guy. I can’t wait to see what I will be spoiled with next. Last week it was a new Prada robe  paired with the thickest Cartier diamond encrusted choker can’t forget that luxurious trip to the Cannes. Most sugar daddies can’t keep up. I am lucky to have a Daddy that gives me the best sugar high ever. Everything and anything I want I can have. My broke boyfriend knows something is up. His short dick has never been as neglected as it is now. I love to go to Berlin for bukkake fun. Making my way back to the Hampton’s watching all the equestrians play,  while I make my way down my Daddies pants unzip it and start to stroke him till he jizzes. I think the best adventure thus far is bringing over all my hot friends and even my sultry Spanish cousins. Its always a party when you have plenty of beautiful babes ready to pleasure a giant cock. We are size queens in this sugar bowl baby 😉

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