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You invited me over for a “movie night,” but we both know that’s not all you had in mind. We made out as you groped my body and stripped me down. Spreading my legs, I waited for you to slide into me. I noticed you were already moaning though, so I asked if you already had your cock inside me. A little embarrassed, you said yes, but kept thrusting away.

I sighed, realizing tonight wasn’t going to be as fun as I thought it was, but figured you must at least have a few tricks up your sleeve for pleasing a woman. To my dismay, in less than two minutes, you grunted as a warm goo filled me up. That’s it? Really? I was pretty pissed, and you had nothing more to offer me than a shrug and stupid smile. You said we could finish the rest of the movie while you got ready for a second helping, but I had another plan.

I invited my friend over without you knowing and let her know all the details of your pathetic dick. When she got there, she pushed you out of the way and came to save my day by giving me some real fun! You watched helplessly as she made her way in between my legs and licked out all the cum you left behind. I moaned as I finally got some real pleasure. Pulling out a strap on, she bent me over and fucked me right with a dong of substantial size, unlike the pathetic worm in your pants.

You couldn’t believe that another woman was drilling your date, right there on your bed in front of you, and doing a better job at it, too! I finally found my release and squirted all over your bed. As we gathered our things and got ready to leave, you told me to wait because you were ready to go again and wanted a second chance to prove you could please me. Her and I both looked at you, scoffed, and went on our way without another word.

Small Dick Humiliation

Tease and Denial

Tease and Denial

You watch as I seductively strip and play with my wet pussy in front of you. My big, round tits mesmerize you, and the little moans escaping from my lips make you rock hard. You take out your cock and start to stroke it as you enjoy me teasing you. When you try to come over and join me, I lightly push you back to your place and shake my head.

You don’t get to touch, you only get to watch. I don’t mind if you play with yourself, though, while you watch the pleasure I bring to myself. Grabbing a dildo, I fuck my pussy while I rub my clit with the other hand. It feels so amazing, my eyes roll back as I moan and buck my hips. Every inch of that dildo went in and out, stretching my hole. My tits jiggled from my hips rocking back and forth to the rhythm.

Again, you attempt to come over get a taste of this perfect pussy, but I shoo you away as I get on all fours. Shoving the toy, still wet from my kitty, up my ass, I used my other hand again to massage my clit. Getting fucked so deep in my asshole made me start to peak, which brought you right to your climax as well. I squirted on my toy and hand as you busted a fat nut to the sight of me cumming. Maybe next time you can fuck me, but as of now, you still only get to watch.

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Be My Bitch

Forced Feminization

Come on, now. Stand up, drop your pants, and let me see that pathetic, shriveled worm you call a dick. Hesitantly, you do as I say, dreading what you know will come next. I laugh hysterically at how tiny your so-called cock is. You must need a magnifying glass to find that little thing! Get naked, bitch, I bark at you as you remove the rest of your clothes. I push you to the ground and call in the big, black stud I brought to teach you a lesson about being a man.

His meaty rod was as big as my forearm and was rock hard. I have him slip his cock into my ass, whimpering as it stretched out my tight hole and filled me deep. I tell you to get beneath so you can suck his balls and lick his asshole as he fucks me. Having the black guy pull out his cock, I hold your jaw open as he guides his BBC down your throat. Fuck yeah, taste my ass on that throbbing fuckstick, you little bitch! I laugh as you gag on his anaconda. You’re so pathetic! Just like that itty bitty pecker you’ve got.

Laying back, I spread my legs while the black stud shoves your face into my wet pussy. This is about the only way you could ever pleasure me; your dinky is too small to even feel inside me! The black guy gets behind you and jams his beefy meat tube into your ass, making you squeal like the sissy you are. I wrap my legs around your head to keep you from squirming too much while forcing you to keep licking my clit. The black man pounds you hard and deep as he busts a fat nut into your ass, making you a cum whore. You’ve been a filthy bitch today.

Sissy Humiliation

Vacation Home

Fantasy Phone Sex

You invited me over for a long weekend of kinky sex at your vacation home. Since I have the reputation of the horniest MILF around, you know we will barely spend a moment without your cock in one of my holes. After fucking all morning, we went to the backyard to relax in your private pool. Filling me up with your cum yet again, you take this pussy right there, outside.

Having made quite a mess, I find the shower and so I can clean up a bit. I’m not sure why, but I needed to feel you playing with my clit, now! I desperately longed to have your hand between my legs while you held me from behind, kissing my neck. I called you into the shower with me and threw my swimsuit off to the side. Grabbing me in your arms, you kissed me and rubbed your cock against my wet pussy, driving me wild.

I turned on the shower as you spun me around to massage my pearl with your fingers and play with my big tits as the water rolled down my chest. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I needed you now! Lifting my whole body, you lowered me onto your throbbing dick right in the air. My tits bounced in your face as you thrusted up into my fuckhole. Bucking my hips, I came harder than ever before, shaking in your arms. You let me rest in your firm embrace as you emptied your balls into me once more.

GFE Phone Sex

First Time Lesbian

Lesbian Phone Sex

My friend’s daughter let me know she needed to learn how to eat pussy, so I told her I could teach her how to be the perfect little clit-licking whore. Surprised and nervous, she explained her boyfriend wanted to have a threesome, but she had never been with another woman before. Told her to relax and I had her lean back and lift up her shirt.

Kissing and licking her nipples, I could tell she was getting turned on by the way my tongue flicked up and down, gently teasing her. The way she moaned and squirmed made me so wet. I needed to taste her sweet pussy! Kissing down her stomach, I pulled off her shorts and panties, and started sucking and licking her clit. Her tight, teen pussy was already so wet for me.

I stuck two fingers inside and massaged that sensitive spot while I ate her out. In consistent, steady motions, her hips rocked to the rhythm of my tongue until she was shaking from the orgasm I was giving her. When she finally caught her breath, I brought her into my bedroom and pushed her flat on the bed. Pulling off my sexy red dress, I straddled her face and told her it was time to practice.

I rubbed my clit against her tongue, moaning as she lapped up all my juices. Since I was already so worked up, it didn’t take me very long to lose myself and cum all over her mouth. She did pretty good for her first time, but practice makes perfect! Looks like we have some long study sessions coming up!

Sensual Phone Sex

Help Me Shame My Husband

Cuckold Phone Sex

My husband has really been boring me lately, so I came up with a deliciously deviant plan. I called you up while he was still at work and invited you over. You can’t take your eyes off my ass as I lead you up the stairs. I look at the hall clock. Perfect, my husband should be home any minute. Everything is going according to plan. We get to the bed I share with my man and I strip naked. Falling to the bed under your rough embrace, you lick and suck my titties, getting me nice and juicy. I want my hubby to see how wet a real man can get me.

Right on cue, my man comes through the bedroom door to see my naked under your strong body. I bark at him to take a seat and watch how it’s done. He is such a pathetic sissy, he does just as I tell him. He knows he can never get a babe this sexy ever again, and he could never face the shame of losing me. So all he can do is watch as you tear me apart.

You pin my legs up by head and stuff my pussy with that throbbing cock, going so deep, much deeper than my tiny-dicked man could ever get. I moan and lose control of myself as you hit the spots that have been neglected for so long. Oh, yes, right there! Keep fucking me just like that! I fall into a screaming orgasm as I feel my husband’s shame emanating from him.

He has never made my body do such incredible things, and he knows it. Now to complete my evil plan, I get on all fours and guide that meaty dick into my asshole, something I never let my man do. He must be so jealous! You bust a fat, creamy load in my ass so that it’s dripping out. I call my husband over and tell him he has to eat the mess from my hole. Reluctantly, he does just as I ask. Well, I’m certainly not bored anymore!

Ass Fetish

Fucking The Neighbor’s College Son

Naughty Neighbor Porn

You’re home with Mom for the summer and this is your first time seeing her new house. Of course, this is also the first time meeting her sexy next door neighbor. I see you staring at the way my dress clings to my sexy curves and I know you want me. Later that night while your mother runs to the store, I conveniently happen to stop over with some cookies I baked as a welcome present.

Nervously, you tell me your mom just stepped out. I shut the door behind me, set the cookies down, and tell you that is perfect with a mischievous smile. Having you sit on the couch, I start doing a sexy little strip, bending over as I pull my dress over my ass. When I turn around, I can see your cock ready to burst through your pants. Getting on all fours, I crawl across the floor.

My hands find your zipper as I unleash that massive dick. Wrapping my lips around the tip, I massage it with my tongue. I love watching you squirm! Losing the rest of your clothes, you flip me to my back on the couch, lifting my legs onto your shoulders. Sliding your throbbing fuckstick into my dripping wet pussy, you go balls deep, pulling my arms towards you to get in as deep as possible. My big tits bounced back and forth with each powerful thrust.

Ugh, I love college boys! When I straddle over you and ride you, you grab my boobs and lick my nipples. It’s just the right position to make me have a screaming orgasm. Still shaking, I get to all fours. Your hand grabs my hair and tugs as you hit it from the back. Grunting, you bust a sloppy load into my slit, filling me with cum. I guess you’ll have a reason to come visit Mom more often, huh?

MILF Phone Sex

Sleeping My Way to the Top

Fantasy Phone Sex

Due to someone retiring, there was a big promotion available, and the big boss had to choose between me and a few other coworkers to fill the position. I knew he would be working late tonight so I came to work with sexy lingerie under my dress and waited until everyone else had already left. Now that things were quiet, I knocked on his door, walked in, and shut it behind me. I told him I was hoping we could talk about the promotion, and without even looking up, he asked if we could talk about it tomorrow since he had some work to do.

While unbuttoning my dress, I walked around to his side of the desk and sat right in front of him on top of his papers. His jaw dropped. Now that I had his attention, I explained that I really was hoping to talk to him in private about the matter. I stripped down to just my lingerie and teased him with my tight, sexy pussy.

Getting down to my knees, I pulled his throbbing boner from out of his pants and massaged the shaft of his cock in my mouth. He gripped the arm rests of his chair as I sucked his dick deliciously slow. Sitting back up on the desk, I spread my legs and told him to fuck me. He licked my tits and he thrusted into my wet slit. Soon, he was erupting inside my juicy hole, filling it with his hot cum. Needless to say, I got the promotion!

Erotic Roleplaying

While Husband’s Away, Wife Will Play

Mutual Masturbation Stories

At a girl friend’s house, I was staying with her overnight while her husband was out of town. Dressed in my night gown, we sat in her boudoir talking and getting ready for bed. Her room had such a seductive and sultry vibe to it, it was hard to catch myself when I was giving her bedroom eyes and getting a bit too touchy feely. But, as it turns out, I wasn’t the only one effected by the mood.

Grabbing me, she pulled me in and kissed me deeply as she tugged my top down until my tits were out. She sucked and licked my nipples, getting me extra juicy. Standing up, I took off my nightgown entirely. She stared at me and told me that I was so incredibly sexy. She wanted to just watch me for a bit, so I gave her a little show.

Sitting on a big chair, I rubbed my clit and moaned. My hips rocked back and forth at the constant touch. It wasn’t long before she was playing with herself and stripping her clothes as well. Watching her finger her sexy pussy drove me wild. I couldn’t hold back anymore! I stood up and straddled her, kissing her as I grabbed her perfect tits. Frantically, we stood up and stumbled our way to her bed.

Laying me on my back, she spread my legs and swirled her tongue around my clit. I told her to swing her hips around so I could taste her sweet fuckhole at the same time. With her pussy spread over my face, she didn’t hold back even a little as she pleasured me. I loved fingering her tight ass while I ate her slit. We both came three or four times by the time we passed out, naked and tangled under her sheets.

Lesbian Phone Sex

Wet Whore

Cocksucking Phone Sex

In the spa, the men and women shared a hot tub. It was known for being a hot spot for high class people to meet up for some kinky fun. A sexy man walked in and I knew I was going to snag this one. He made small talk with me as I scooted closer, running my hand up his thigh. Instantly, he was hard when he saw me come a bit out of the water to realize my tits were bare and out in the open. Leaning on all fours, I lifted my ass just far enough for him to get a good view of both holes. My seduction was working, and I was already dying to feel that cock inside me, so I reached down and grabbed it.

Diving my face into the water, I sucked his dick, completely submerged. I felt his body tighten as my tongue massaged the shaft. Coming up for air, I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he pulled me close. His throbbing fuckstick pushed past my pussy lips as he slid in balls deep. Water splashed against us and onto the floor with each powerful thrust. Twisting me around, he turned my back side up so he could pound my tight asshole. When his fingers reached over to my clit, I lost myself to the overwhelming orgasm causing me to shake and struggle to catch my breath. Grunting, he pulled out of my ass and shot his hot, creamy load all over my cheeks and back. It was exactly what I had hoped for!

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