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Phone sex mommy

phone sex mommy

I have a new boy toy to play with and tease. I met him through my step son and he is so sexy. I soak my panties just thinking about his hot young body and his thick, hard cock. It started out as just flirting here and there. I would catch him looking at my tits with a hard cock. I started to wear slutty outfits when I knew he would be coming over. I slipped him my number and told him to call me sometime so we could get to know each other. We would stay up all night texting and sending nudes to each other. He has a sexy little kink for his mommy so eventually I became like a phone sex mommy for him. We have so much fun playing on the phone. I get so wet listening to him breath heavy and play with his hard cock for his Mommy. I love to play with my sweet Mommy pussy as he talks to me. He always cums so much and then thanks his Mommy for making him feel good.

Milf phone sex

Milf phone sex

For my step son’s birthday this year, I gave him an extra special gift. I told him I would let him fuck me and he could invite one friend over to join in. He was so excited and I knew exactly who he was going to bring. He has a guy friend on the basketball team that has been wanting to fuck me since they met. I know how freaky my step son is. He wants to watch his friend fuck Mommy, so that he can stroke his cock and watch me get filled with cum. Once his friend fucked me hard over and over and filled me with his hot sticky mess, they both got behind me and slid their cocks in at the same time. One cock in my asshole and one in my cum filled pussy. I loved feeling so full with both of them inside of me. They fucked me hard in all of my fuck holes and filled me over and over. I loved them using me like a cum whore. I begged them to give me more cum. I think he had a great birthday.

Best phone sex

best phone sex

I love when my husband lets me go out of town for the weekend. He knows what I’m out doing. He loves for me to text him and tell him about all of the cock I take on my little trips. He really loves for me to call him while I’m getting fucked and let him listen to me moan for another man. My husband has a dirty little secret. He wants to eat guy’s cum out of my pussy. His dream come true is for me to bring him my dirty, used up pussy for him to slurp the cum out of and to lick clean. He even offers to pay for my hotel, and everything. The only rule is, I have to get fucked hard and have every hole filled with cum on my trips. I always get the hottest guys and take lots and lots of pictures and videos of them fucking me. When I get home, my husband is there like a little puppy. I tell him to sit and stroke his cock as he watches the videos of me getting fucked. He waits for me to sit down so he can slide my cum soaked panties off and start licking away. I sit back while he slurps and licks all over my pussy and teased my clit to make me squirt for him. He even runs his tongue around my asshole because he knows I get filled in every hole for him. I wrap my legs tighter and tighter around his face as he drives me crazy! I love having him as my little cum eating, pussy teasing fuck boy. Just eating my soaked, used up pussy, is enough to make him cum while he’s licking me. I make him get down on his hands and knees and slurp up his own cum before he finishes with me. Such a good little cum eater!

Milf phone sex

milf phone sex

All of the hot young studs, on my step son’s football team, have been coming over to hang out with him. I like to dress in my shortest skirts and low cut tops to tease them. I love teasing young cocks and watching them try to hide their hard cocks. I will walk through the house in my bra and panties and claim I didn’t know they were over for a visit. My step son doesn’t mind at all because he loves to watch my sexy, tight body and stare at my perfect, perky titties. Once, after all of his friends left, I was really turned on from watching them practice in the yard. I called him inside and told him that I needed help moving something in my room. When he got to my room, I pulled him over to the bed and laid him back as I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down. He didn’t even try to fight back as I sucked his young, hard cock. He had such a nice cock and I sucked him long and hard. I swallowed every drop of his cum and told him that next time I want him and one of his friends inside of me, at the same time.

Small dick humiliation

small dick humiliation

I met a new guy this weekend. When I took him back to my place for a little fun, things didn’t go as I  had expected. I tried to pull his cock out to suck it and he pushed me away. Every time I tried to get to his dick, he would stop me. I started to get really annoyed and finally asked him what the problem was. I was half joking when I asked if he had a baby dick. The look of embarrassment on his face was all I needed. I yanked his pants and boxers down. I couldn’t hold back my laughter at how tiny it was. It was the smallest, most pathetic little dick, I had ever seen. Me laughing at it must have done something for him because all of the sudden, the tiny little thing was sticking straight out. I couldn’t help but make fun of him. I pointed and told him how teeny tiny it was. He attempted to stroke it but didn’t even have to move his hand very far, which made me laugh even harder. I don’t think he was planning a hot evening of small dick humiliation, but that’s exactly what he got! The more I made fun of him, the harder he stroked that little bitty thing. He finally gave a sad little grunt and shot out a small drip of cum. His little dicklett was so small, the cum just dripped down his balls. I couldn’t even be upset at this point, I was still laughing when he got his pants back up and left. I can’t wait to tell all of my friends about little mister baby cock.

Sexy phone chat

sexy phone chat

I had the best and hottest, sexy phone chat today. The guy I was talking to was so sexy and wild! He told me all about how he wanted me to put my tight, wet pussy on his face and grind on him until I squirt all over! I couldn’t help but to get really excited as I heard him stroking his huge, hard cock on the other end of the phone. I started to play with my clit and slowly slide two fingers into my pretty pink slit. The way he was breathing so deep and gasping softly between breaths, really had me hot! I love hearing a guy jerk his hard cock for me. Knowing that he’s thinking of ramming that huge cock into me is such a turn on! I kept telling him that I wanted to feel him inside of me and how bad I wanted him to fill me with his cum over and over. I gave him my address and I’m sitting here, playing with my soaking wet pussy and waiting for him to come play with me.

Cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sex

My husband recently found out that I was fucking his buisiness partner James. He got off of work early and came home to find me on the couch, riding James’ huge, hard rod. I thought he would be pissed but he just set his briefcase down, and started to unbutton his pants. I smiled when I saw him pull his cock out. I knew what he wanted. I’ve seen that look before with other guys, but never him. I went back to bouncing up and down on James’ fat cock. I could see my husband at the other side of the room, stroking his cock as he watched me ride that dick. I couldn’t believe it when he told me to ride it harder and faster! This had me so turned on. I rode him hard and rocked back and forth on his throbbing cock. I knew he was getting close, so I slowed down. I wanted to draw it out and make them both last as long as they could. I decided to get up, walk over to my husband and have a little fun with him. I went over to my husband and got on my knees. I took his cock in my mouth as he grabbed my hair and pushed me all the way down on him. I sucked him hard and fast as James got behind me and started to slide that giant dong in my tight little asshole. James fucked me like he had something to prove to my husband! Every time he thrust in, it made me take the cock deeper in my throat. They were both breathing heavy as fuck. I could tell James was about to cum so I rocked back on his cock and made him spew his hot jizz deep in my ass. Watching James fill my ass made my husband moan and shortly after, I was taking a salty, gooey load right in my mouth. I had no idea my husband was into doing this! I thought he only like talking about it during cuckold phone sex.

Best phone sex

Best phone sex

I saw the way you were watching as I walked across the room. Getting back to my table, I kept catching you stare at me all evening. I tried to pay attention to the guest speaker but knowing how bad you wanted me, I just couldn’t. I’m so glad I didn’t skip this dinner! I knew that the extra tight dress and slutty heels were doing the trick. I finally managed to make eye contact to motion you towards the bathroom, without my husband noticing. I slip off into the restroom and wait for you. I knew what you wanted. I let you bend me over the sink and slide your massive cock in my tight, wet pussy. You pound away like its an emergency, each thrust a little harder than the last. You grab my hips and bring me in close. You push deep and pump your cum inside, and pull my panties back up. We laugh over what a nasty whore I am, getting filled with cum while my husband accepts his award. 

Sexy babe

Sexy babe

I just love still being a sexy babe at an older age. The older I get, the more I like to tease and play with younger men. I just love leaving the curtains open in my house as I walk around after a shower and air dry. I’ve caught the pool boy looking into my windows and stroking his cock, several times. I usually put on a little show for him when I catch him peeking at me. He knows that my husband is too old to fuck and that this cougar is ready to pounce on the first sexy man I see. Today I caught him peeking in my window with his hard cock already in his hand and he was stroking it while watching me. I put my leg up on the chair in my bathroom and spread my lips while facing him. He looked shocked and then, excited as I started to rub my clit and tease my pretty, tight pussy with my fingers. I played with my titties as I finger fucked my pussy for him. He stroked his cock as I made myself cum for him over and over. My hand was soaked and I had my own sweet pussy juices rolling down my leg from how wet he had me. I watched him stroke his hard cock until he spewed his cum all over the place. Next time I catch him, I’m going to let him spew all of that hot sticky cum all over me.

Milf phone sex

Milf phone sex

I was getting out of the shower this morning when someone knocked at my front door. I wrapped up in my robe and went to see who it was. I looked through the window and saw my step son’s best friend. He skipped school to come see me. I knew what he wanted, he’s always stealing my panties and trying to walk in on me in the bathroom. I invited him in and as soon as he closed the door, I dropped my robe and backed him up against the door. He looked terrified and excited at the same time. I could tell he wanted so bad to touch my big tits and play with my juicy MILF pussy. I reached down and started stroking his already rock hard cock. I could hear him trying to catch his breath. I started to kiss his sweet little lips as I jerked his hot teen cock. I went down to catch all of his cum and drink it up. Tomorrow he’s skipping school for some more.

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