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The girls at the country club are all fucking bores. They are always talking shit and trying to out do each other,. You can imagine my excitement when I met two of the hottest girls there who were nothing like the rest. Lena and beth both equally gorgeous and both total nasty sluts like me.

I’m a sexy babe who enjoys hot sluts. We would get together every weekend for a bit and get into some trouble. We all have significant others with puny cocks. As you can expect we would stroll town for the best cock to get dicked down just right.

We picked up a couple of sessions of kickboxing downtown one of the trainers there was so yummy and always hitting on all three of us. His name was Bryson. Big Byrson to be exact. Bryson was muscular and tall dark and had the most biggest t black anaconda. You all know I love me some BBC. Bryson invited us over to his house where he lived with his cousin and best friend. Bryson had his cousin get very acquainted with us.

Leroy was huge and had the thickest girth we ever saw. His best friend was another big black guy. Nelson, I have to say nelsons veiny dick had me ready to submit to BBC for life. We were all ready for those chocolate dicks. This was better than any dessert ever.

I loved seeing my best friends get fucked hard. The only thing missing in this scenario were our husbands and boyfriends down on their knees watching us get fucked by real men.

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